Amy Schissel Painting

Amy Schissel Painting

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Amy Schissel featured in 4 Ottawa Painters at Carleton University Art Gallery

Curated by Sandra Dyck, Four Ottawa Painters takes the pulse of the regional painting scene, presenting new work by dynamic young painters who are garnering increasing acclaim – provincially, nationally and internationally. Melanie Authier is committed to total abstraction: her canvases manifest an intense push-pull between opposing forces of the artificial and the real, chaos and control, the sublime and the ordinary. Martin Golland takes the urban setting as his starting point, distorting real-world sources into imaginary spaces where entropy and enigma are the order of the day. In her densely-layered works, Amy Schissel appropriates dots, pixels, clusters, loops, and linear sequences from networked computing environments, pushing the language of abstraction to encompass contemporary understandings of space. Andrew Morrow’s work is rooted in the past but focused on the present. He revisits the conventions of historic pastoral painting, using graphic sexual imagery to disturb and transform its idealized landscapes while raising questions about contemporary attitudes to sexuality, masculinity, and gender.

Panel discussion with the artists, moderated by James.D. Campbell on 
Sunday, January 23, 2011
2 p.m.

Common Ground, 2011, acrylic, ink, encaustic on wood, 120" x 106" 

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